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the bridge


west sacramento, CA

2010-2014 / As Chief Design Officer for a real estate development company, I led the product development of 150 homes and 400 apartments by defining program, creating building wireframes, a relational urban plan and thereafter directing the work of architects in the technical articulation of the built outcome.



Fulcrum Property

The City of West Sacramento

Through collaboration with !melk (NYC), the form of the BARN was designed to affiliate more with the natural riparian ecology of the river than with its city-density development context–creating a sense that the wilds of the river have leapt into the organized geometry of the neighborhood to lock fingers with it. The Barn’s materiality recalls that of buildings built for agricultural production, thus honoring the region’s agricultural heritage, yet bringing it–through form–forward into the 21st century. The Barn opened in 2016.

production credits:


Brown Construction

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