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Retorica LLC closed
in December 2023



Retorica is an interdisciplinary design studio with an interest in projects situated at the intersection of material culture and identity.

Our work as design strategists spans the scales of urban design, architecture, product and graphic design–and moreover, it quite often unifies them. 


Through collaboration with our clients and partners we have brought economic development initiatives into contact with built projects that range from NBA arenas to barns. We have reimagined the workplace environments of Silicon Valley powerhouses and made heritage retail brands relevant to new markets. We have pioneered the re-use of NASA technology to display 19th century stereographic photography and even launched the first museum exhibition of the 21st century.


We feel that each of these projects, as different as they are from one another, demonstrates our deep commitment to a design approach that discriminately honors objectives and ideas–not pre-formed aesthetic preferences. We see design as interpretation. It is the project's voice that should sound, not ours.



current - recent )



Google (contractor)

Tiffany & Co.

World Food Center

FAENA Hotels

Ralph Lauren


arts/cultural heritage


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The Getty Museum

International Center of Photography

The Jewish Museum New York

Landmarks Foundation

Bermuda Archives



Transfiguration in Four Views

Finding Frida Kahlo

Ex Cathedra (il Borgo, Rome)

Ray Eames: Material Universe

Paris Immersion 3D



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